Casino Offering Health Care For Employees

Several Coast casinos are trying to do their part to help their employees with affordable health care. Several now have their own Wellness Clinics and pharmacies.

Casino Magic Biloxi's Wellness Clinic opened almost a year ago. It's only a few blocks from the casino, and available to any casino employee.

Cindy Thompson, the mother of three, told WLOX News, that her husband only works part time at the casino, and therefore, does not qualify for full health benefits. However, because he works part time, he, and his family, can use the Wellness clinic.

''It's a Godsend to us," she said. ''If not for this clinic, I don't know what I would do."

Like several other coast casino's, Casino Magic Biloxi has also contracted with a private pharmacy that fill prescriptions for casino employees. They fill hundreds of prescriptions per day, at a greatly reduced cost.