Sewage Stink Causing a Headache for City of Moss Point and DEQ

"My kids like to come outside to play," John Meek said. "They couldn't because of the sewage."

After battling with the City of Moss Point over a sewage spill for three weeks, John Meek's children can now finally come outside to play.

"This is a malfunction of their equipment," Meek said as he pointed to the raw sewage mess.

Officials say a backed up pipe, which eventually burst, is what caused the sewage leak. Meek said the problem was fixed only after he finally called the DEQ, after repeatedly trying to contact Moss Point city officials with no success.

"The D-E-Q called and got the big vac truck, and they vacuumed up the raw sewage," Meek said. "They helped me out, and then they got in touch with the city of Moss Point. The ball started rolling then."

Phil Bass, with the DEQ in Jackson, is now saying city leaders did not act quick enough to try an solve the situation. This isn't the first time a sewage spill has happened in this neighborhood.

"I remember when the Johnsons had that trouble over there," Meek said, pointing down the street.

Chasity Johnson and her husband know how much of a stink it can be to get a sewage spill cleaned up.

"I really understand what the Meeks are going through," Johnson said. "I would think that things would have gotten better by now."

Just last summer, her yard was surrounded with between two to three inches deep of raw sewage. Even now, she can still see the aftermath of the spill.

"It's not a yard that I still feel comfortable letting my children play in," Johnson said.

And now that John Meek's children can play in their yard again, he just hopes the city corrects the sewage problem completely, so spills like this, don't happen again.

We repeatedly tried to contact Moss Point Mayor Frank Lynn for a comment, but he did not return our phone calls.

The DEQ says the City of Moss Point has until April second to explain why they took so long to respond, or they could face multiple fines from the state.