Volunteers Building Hope For Needy Families

They're building hope for needy families one house at a time.

Volunteers with Harrison County Habitat for Humanity are busy with several new home projects. The social service group also has more houses on the drawing board.

The neighborhood where WLOX adopted and helped build the first home now includes eight such houses with two more on the way.

"We've still got about 1800 families living in sub standard houses. And our goal of course is to eliminate sub standard housing," said Habitat Director, Bill Maguire.

College students from Minnesota and Illinois are doing their part. They're working on one of the newest homes in Roslyn Place, another Habitat subdivision.

Student volunteer, Denise Morris, is happy to be involved with the project.

"To be able to work on a house. I've learned so much. I've learned a lot I didn't know about. So, at the same time I'm learning, I know this will benefit someone," she said.

"I feel like what we're doing here is making a difference. And I really love that fact," said fellow student, Adam Faitek.

Along with getting a boost of volunteer labor from visiting Spring breakers, Habitat relies on local clubs and organizations to "adopt a house". Local rotary clubs have adopted a home on South Carolina Avenue.

"That is one of the ways in which we can raise money. Because not only do we raise money with that organization, but they also help provide the labor. And that's an important feature," Maguire explained.

The laborers find both fulfillment and fun.

Mike Haas is an adult volunteer helping oversee the college work crew.

"The enjoyment we're getting out of it and what the people get out of it building the house. I mean, I can't describe it. We didn't think we'd enjoy it this much working with these kids and building these houses," he said.

If you'd like more information about helping Harrison County Habitat for Humanity, you can call the Biloxi office at (228) 374-4946.