Four Lanes Open On Cowan Lorraine

The seemingly never ending construction on Cowan Lorraine Road in Gulfport, which dates back to August of 2001, is finally coming to an end. After numerous delays and years of construction work, drivers now have four lanes from I-10 all the way to the beach.

The orange and white barrels aren't gone yet, they're temporarily sitting in the middle lane. But the road closed signs are gone, and four lanes are open in both directions.

"I'm looking forward to it; a lot smoother ride. I'm glad it's over, very glad it's over," Carni Chamberlin said.

There's no one who knows the road better than U.S. Postal Letter Carrier Carni Chamberlin.

"Before construction it was kind of rough and nasty to get along. During construction it's been rough and nasty to get along," Chamberlin said.

Chamerberlin has spent the last eight years on this route everyday, stopping at all the business up and down Cowan road.

"I don't think it has affected business that bad. These teachers are going to find the school supply store regardless," Darlene Levins said.

Assistant Manger of School & Carnival Supply on Cowan Road, Darlene Levins, took a look at the new road Thursday as she thought about the future.

"I think more business will locate on Cowan Road and I think it will be great for the community."

For many in the community, the project is one of the slowest in history, but now cars zoom by in the blink of an eye.

"They'll have a speedway, I guess. They're already speeding, but they should have a clear shot to Highway 90 now," Cowan Road project superintendent Teddy Conwill.

A clear shot for drivers like you, and an easier route to maneuver for workers like Carni Chamberlin.

"I've only got one fear. The people who drove crazy on the two lane, what are they going to be like on four," Chamberlin asked.

Conwill said the entire project is scheduled to be completed in the next three weeks.