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Moss Point family seeks answers after loved one is killed


The family of an Omega Protein worker killed on the job Monday is demanding the company explain how he died.  The company confirmed that Christopher Hebert, 24, was involved in a work related accident at the plant. But the actual cause of his death remains a mystery.

Investigators were at the plant Tuesday hoping to find the answers Heather and Evan Hebert are desperate to know. 

"I would give anything to tell him I love him one more time," Heather said of her older brother, Christopher.

Her brother, Evan agreed, saying, "This is a great loss."

The Heberts said Christopher worked at the Omega Plant for three years, and bragged about his job. So the news that he suddenly died at work was shocking. 

"How did it happen? Why did it happen? Where was somebody else when it happened?" Hebert's brother asked.

Moss Point Police Chief Keith Davis is assisting in the investigation into Hebert's death.  Davis said his team, along with federal and company investigators are searching for evidence to answers those questions. According to the company, Hebert was preparing for the upcoming fishing season when something went tragically wrong. 

"He was working on a piece of equipment there onsite, and we are still trying to determine how he ended up in the position that he was found in," Chief Davis said.  

As the family anxiously awaits specifics on the accident, Hebert's sister wonders if there was some way this death could have been prevented. 

"We want answers, and we need answers. Because everyone is grieving, but there are also people that are very, very, mad right now."  

Last year, three men were killed aboard an Omega Protein fishing boat called the Sandy Point. The Sandy Point collided with a 660-foot container ship in the Gulfport ship channel.

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