Hollywood Comes To Saucier?

A new movie coming to theaters nationwide this Friday, is set in Saucier. It's a comedy called "The Ladykillers ", and it stars Tom Hanks.

Although there was no filming done in Saucier, it's mentioned several times in the movie. In fact, the owner of a Saucier grocery store thinks her store might be included in the film.

Last year, a lady stopped by Barbara Gentry's store on Highway 67, with an unusual request.

"She told me she was with the Mississippi Film Commission," Barbara said, and "she said she wanted something that said Saucier on it."

That's why Barbara gave her a menu from their deli. Now, Barbara thinks the menu, with her deli's name and the word Saucier on it, might be featured in the movie.

Barbara's husband Paul could hardly believe it, when Barbara told him about the visitor to the store.

"I said, 'You are kidding aren't you,'" Paul Gentry told his wife, adding, "This is just amazing."

Now, the Gentry's anxiously await the debut of the movie Friday. As you might expect, Paul and Barbara will be at a local theater Friday night, hoping to see their menu. Even if it does not make the final cut, the Gentry's say it sure is neat that Saucier would be considered the setting for big time movie.