Two Bodies Found In Rural Hancock County

Hancock County Sheriff's deputies are investigating what they say is a double murder. The bodies of a man and a woman were found Sunday evening in a shallow grave. Both bodies were badly decomposed.

They were found in a shallow grave Sunday off of Lower Bay Road in the Clermont Community in rural Hancock County.

Another couple who bought the land three weeks ago, spent the weekend camping out on their new 13 acre property. They say they planned to build their dream home here one day, until yesterday, when their dog led them to a gruesome discovery.

"They were cleaning the property up when they noticed the animal had dug into the grave. We don't know exactly how long the bodies have been down. The pathologist is going to have to work with us on that to give us a date or time," Hancock County Sheriff's Deputy Kenneth Hurt said.

Results of the autopsy are expected Tuesday.

Deputies say the male victim looks to be about 40 years old with numerous tattoos. The female could be in her 30s or 40s.

If you know of a missing couple, or have any information that could help investigators, call the Hancock County Sheriff's Department at 228-467-5101.