D'Iberville Explores New World Again

This was a hectic day for Rusty Quave. He had a lengthy to do list that had to be finished before his new store opened Wednesday morning.

"We've accomplished everything on the list," he said. "Now we're going back, double checking that everything is done."

When the store owner got a free moment, he concentrated on his part-time job -- being mayor of D'Iberville.

"For the last 10 years now, it's been really enjoyable to me to do both," the mayor said.

When D'Iberville became a city in 1988, it adopted a city manager/council form of government. Residents would elect a mayor. But he wouldn't spend much time at city hall.

Now a group led by Sara Miller wants D'Iberville's mayor to have a lot more authority.

"I think the citizens of D'Iberville need to have a voice in their government," she said.

Miller's group placed petitions at city hall, the library, and several businesses. If 800 of D'Iberville's registered voters sign the form, an election could be held to replace the city manager position with a full time mayor.

"A lot of people feel this is the direction we need to head in," she said. "We feel like we're a large enough city now that we need -- I don't want to say a full time mayor because Mayor Quave has been a full time mayor -- but a strong a mayor that can make some decisions and run the city day-to-day."

Miller's group is hoping to get this issue on ballots in November.

The current mayor is one of the people in favor of changing how city hall operates.

"I'm really in full support for the citizens of D'Iberville to have a full time mayor, a mayor that would answer to the people," he said.

If D'Iberville goes shopping for a full time mayor, Quave won't be a candidate. He said his first priority is his new store.