Picayune Church Reflects On 100 Years

The congregation says good members, good pastors, and good music have kept a South Mississippi church going the past 100 years. On Sunday, First Baptist Church in Picayune celebrated its centennial anniversary.

They came to remember and to reflect on 100 years of history that church members and community members can now look back on and smile.

"It was a very emotional service but at the same time very upbeat and very uplifting. Old friends getting together some of whom hadn't seen each other for 20 years." said Mark Formby, who spent three years heading the committee that organized the service.

Former pastors spoke of a God that carried the church through difficult times like Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement

"When I arrived the country in which we lived was undergoing a number of very trying experiences." said Rev. Carless Evans

Members say First Baptist has remained a solid place of worship because it was built on a holy foundation.

"It's a strong bastion of faith to me. I believe in this church down through the years." said Leroy "Sparky" Penton, who has been a member for the past 67 years.

Inside this beautiful building are wonderful people who don't always get credit for their dedication.

"The backbone of the church is its continued membership," said Formby. "Those people who stay during the tough times."

Now First Baptist Church is looking forward to launching its own television ministry. The church has also put more than 4,000 historical photographs on compact disk.