890th's 'Headquarter Company' Returns To Gulfport

More members of the Mississippi National Guard 890th engineering battalion are back at home with their families. 125 members of 'Headquarter's Company' returned to the armory in Gulfport early Sunday Morning.

With a police escort, buses carrying the soldiers arrived to hundreds of screaming family members and friends waving American Flags and signs. After waiting more than a year for the units' return, the tears just started to fall.

Hugs and kisses were everywhere, as families reunited and captured the moment on film and video. Children in the arms of their mothers and fathers some babies saw their fathers for the first time.

"It's been great, I'm glad to be home. I'm blessed, better than blessed by my family. My loved ones, friends just been praying for us. It's been a rough road but we are so thankful to be home," 890th soldier Gloria Smith said.

"It's a blessing to have him home... God knows, all our troops," one person said.

How did you feel when you saw your family and your friends here? "Speechless. Thank god for this moment for all the time. Thank god for it," 890th member Tyrone Graham said.

"To the children and the families that are gather here I want you to listen real closely. These people in front of you gave people hope who haven't had hope for 30 years. We look for heroes sometimes on ball fields on stage screen and television. but your heroes and my heroes are standing in front of you today, the 890th engineers," MS National Guard Major General Harold Cross said.

Cross and other dignitaries gave words of welcome and thanks to the troops in a brief ceremony.