Church Members Celebrate Pro-Life

As Pat Clement fills these pink and blue balloons, she's reminded of all the little boys and girls who never got a chance at life.

"It makes me feel very sad because we've got ten grandchildren," Clement said.

Clement said her grandchildren are the most important thing in her life. So on this day, she is hoping to spread her message against abortion.

"We have the blue and pink for all the little boys and girls who have left us and never had a chance to see what life was about or to know what it was to have a family," Clement said.

These symbolic balloons also represent the national average of 4,000 abortions performed daily in the U.S. While Clement and others are against abortion, they said they do understand how difficult the choice can be.

"We do understand," Clement said. "We have friends who have had abortions, and we know what they've gone through, and we understand, and we don't want to have to see other people to have to go through that."

As the balloons were handed out to children at the church, the priest took the group outside to pray for the almost 4,000 Mississippi abortions performed last year.

"Let them go!" screamed Clement, telling the children to let the 700 balloons float away.

Finally, the group at Sacred Heart Catholic Church released the balloons, and as they floated away, they hoped this symbolic stand would not go unnoticed.

For every balloon released today, one dollar was donated to a pro-life fund aimed at helping expectant mothers cope with their pregnancy.

We contacted the largest abortion clinic in Jackson to get their reaction to today's event, but they didn't want to comment.