Moss Point installs new cameras to combat illegal dumping

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A warning for those illegally dumping trash in Moss Point, police said they've begun installing hidden cameras to catch and punish violators. Moss Point citizens and city leaders hope the extra eyes watching out will help keep the city clean.

Moss Point resident Jeramey Anderson says it frustrates him to see trash dumped all over the city because it paints an ugly image of his hometown.

"From a lower age you are taught where to put your trash in a trash can and that is why they are there," Anderson said.

Anderson believes people tend to throw their trash anywhere in Moss Point because they think they won't get caught.

"Dumping randomly out of your car, you have no respect for yourself, for your community, and for your peers," Anderson said.

The city's police chief has now invested in new $10,000 cameras to help crackdown on litterbugs.

"Not using any taxpayer dollars, using the drug fortifier fund, we purchased some cameras to put in the City of Moss Point," Moss Point Police Chief Keith Davis said.

The high-tech cameras will be hidden in the city and roll 24 hours a day. The video images will then be fed to police computers and cell phones.

"I could be literally sitting in my house using my Smartphone and pull up an image at these locations and monitor the images," Davis said.

The chief said if the cameras catch folks dumping or littering, they could pay up to $1,000 and possibly face jail time if convicted.

"This is not about putting a whole bunch of people in jail. We want you to stop dumping," Davis added.

"I think that this is a first good step," Mayor Aneice Liddell said.

The mayor believes the extra eyes watching out for violators will restore pride and attract new businesses to the city.

"It is time for us to clean it up," Liddell said. "So when people come into the city, the first impression that they have is, this is a clean place and the people care about their city."

Anderson couldn't be happier that city leaders are investing in making Moss Point a litter free place to live. He just hopes the cameras will keep the litterbugs away.

Chief Davis and Mayor Liddell said they would also like to jumpstart a litter-free program in Moss Point to get more citizens involved in combating the problem.

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