Families Prepare for Soldiers Return

"Who are you welcoming home?" Christy Scott said to her daughter Katlyn.

"Daddy," Katlyn said.

Five-year-old Katlyn Scott hasn't seen her dad since last February. So she's had a helping hand in making signs to welcome him back home.

"What's the first thing you're going to say to him when you see him?" Katlyn's mom said.

"I missed him," Katlyn said.

Katlyn's mom, Christy, has been hard at work making welcome home signs, too. She took a break to look at the pictures from when her husband left and said can hardly wait for his return.

"We're really ready for them to get home, and we miss him," Christy said.

Pamela Glenn's son will be returning home on Saturday, also. Daily she's been worried about his safety and can now finally breathe a sign of relief.

"I'm just glad he's coming home," Glenn said. "It's been a hard time."

But Pamela and Katlyn didn't have a hard time deciding what to write on these signs.

"Welcome home," Katlyn said proudly.

And as Katlyn put the final touches on her masterpieces, she wanted to make a special one for her dad.

"J-A-C-O-B," Katlyn said, spelling out her dad's name on a poster.

After hours of hard work, Katlyn's mom and the other volunteers hammered home their messages, by hammering the signs into the groud, for all of Jackson County to see.

Saturday three units of the 890th Engineering Battalion are expected back in Pascagoula, Lumberton, Picayune and Richton. And on Sunday the groups from Gulfport and Purvis return.

By: Claire Nelson