Hancock County Cabins Offer Rustic Lodging Experience

Jerry Sance is from Springfield, Louisiana. He needed a place to live while he does construction work in town. He says when he spotted the water front cabins, he knew he had found a temporary home.

"If you want to fish you can go out your door and fish. You can get in a boat and go down the bayou if you want to. I love it out here."

He's not the only one. Jan Fashing from Ohio rented a cabin to get closer to nature and clear her mind.

"It definitely puts you close to nature. You see fish jumping in the water, there's all kinds of different wildlife birds all over the place, and it is absolutely beautiful. It's a very unique experience here."

Fourteen small log cabins line Breath Bayou in the Shoreline Park community, right next to busy Highway 603. But the motel manager says the traffic noise doesn't seem to bother guests.

"It's a motel complex with an efficiency apartment atmosphere. Each cabin has its own little personality. I have cabins that just have a full bed. I have cabins with a full bed and a twin bed," Manager Marsha Hickman said.

The "rustic" cabins also come with most of the modern conveniences of home - air conditioners, cable TV, microwaves, mini refrigerators, and coffee pots.

"We have blue crabs, and we supply crab baskets for the people to play with. We supply grills. They can bring their boats in here and tie off right in front of their cabins," Hickman said.

The motel has been attracting nature lovers from all over the world for nearly 10 years. A couple from England learned about the cabins on the Internet and stayed there during Mardi Gras. An overnight stay is $44. Call (228) 342-4888, or just click here to learn more.

by Al Showers