Long Beach family floods after canceling insurance

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County Emergency officials said it's not clear how many homes flooded overnight, but some of them were in Long Beach. One of those houses belongs to the Sartin family. Timothy and Casey Sartin spent Thursday cleaning up and wondering how to start over.

Water got to nearly everything. Timothy Sartin said he grew concerned Wednesday night and asked his wife Casey to stay up and keep watch, since she didn't have to work the next day.

"At about 2:30am, I hear her screaming," said Timothy. "When I jump out of the bed, I'm ankle deep in water. It's gotten bad before, but it's never gotten as bad as it was last night. On our back patio, we were up to water to our knees. "

The damage to the family home and furnishings is extensive.

"It's come up the base boards a few inches. It's definitely into the walls," Timothy said. "The floor is split in the living room. The tile has come up in the hallway. Our back patio has collapsed a little bit. It's a little devastating. "

The couple blames the flood on a ditch behind the house. They say it's overflowed before, but never this much. Not even during Hurricane Katrina. The Sartins don't live in a flood zone, so when money got tight, they made a difficult decision.

"With the cost of insurance going up and up non-stop, with us being classified as a no-flood zone and the economy the way it is, the family did away with the flood insurance," Timothy said.

Timothy and Casey Sartin both work at the Humane Society of South Mississippi helping to find homes for homeless animals. Now the couple is wondering what kind of home they'll be able to provide for themselves and their two children.

"It's very muggy in here. Everything is soaking wet," said Casey Sartin. "It's kind of sad and depressing because I'm not real sure we're gonna do. I guess we'll just do what we can."

"this has been my childhood home for 35 years," Timothy said. "It's starting all over."

Hancock County Emergency officials said eight homes there took in water Wednesday night. None have been reported so far in Jackson County.

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