Damaging winds rip through Coventry Estates subdivision

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Thursday morning's severe weather gave residents of Coventry Estates subdivision a rude awakening. Residents say they heard a very loud noise that lasted less than 15 seconds. Whether it was straight-line winds, or perhaps a small tornado, the damage left behind showed the strength of that early morning storm.

That neighborhood, located off Highway 15 in Harrison County, is now cleaning-up the mess the storm system left behind.

"On my way to work this morning. Opened the door and heard something that sounded like a train," said Nick Scales, "So I hurried and closed the door, called my family and we stored down in the basement, under the stairs.  And for like five or ten seconds it roared through. Then afterward, we saw the devastation."

What he saw was fences torn down, weather stripping and shingles missing, broken windows and more.

"Inside my house there are shingles from someone else's roof. It's like they were shot through the window. It was scary. It was like something on TV," he said.

Damage at his next door neighbor's home showed the sheer power of the storm winds.  Brick pillars were knocked down like dominoes. Several wooden columns were also broken loose throughout the neighborhood.

"It was very, very, very scary to tell you the truth," said Sandra Hutchinson.

She surveyed the damage throughout the neighborhood where she's lived for six years.

"Roof damage. My fence is damaged. It's just... my plants. Everything on my back porch, the patio. Things like that. All just scattered everywhere," she said, "It shook the house and rattle the house so bad that I thought, you could hear the freight train. It was that loud."

Along with shingles and fence fragments and other debris scattered throughout the subdivision, blown insulation covered roofs and walls like snowflakes. As he picked up broken pieces of fence, Nick Scales was thankful it was only property damage. His family is safe.

"Everybody's fine, everybody's fine. Physically, yes.  Mentally?  We'll recover," said the Air Force retiree.

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