Coast Residents React To Donal Snyder Rate Hike

It's been almost three weeks now since the Donal Snyder Community Center, on Biloxi's Pass Road, started charging a fee.

The facility, which opened in May of 2001, offers a lot, and anyone can come by and use it. But now, the city, which operates it, says everyone has to pay to get in.

Our recent visit there, did not find anyone terribly upset about having to now pay up. For instance, Stephanie Balius is a young woman who comes by a few times a week, for an aerobic workout. She says the fees are okay by her, "It was something we expected, " she said, and added,"It was not a total shock, nothing is free these days. "

Center director James Payton, told us there were a few people who didn't like it when they found out the city was planning on charging a fee, but there weren't many. According to Payton, " We have just a few, just a few, you can count them on one hand, the ones who were dissatisfied." Payton added, some of those who said they would no longer use the facility, are already back. The fee is two dollars a day if you live in Biloxi, and four dollars a day, if you live outside the city.