Coast Students Uncover Artifacts At History Dig

For a day, the grounds of Beauvoir turned into an excavation site. Amateur archeologists sifted and dug for clues at the historic site where Confederate veterans and their wives and widows once lived. After a lot of shoveling and searching, some students came up empty. Others unearthed quite a find.

11-year old Shane Smith said "It's going pretty well. We found a lot of very special stuff. I think it's called shard, I think, and it's very sharp. Just the slightest touch can cut you".

13-year old Grace Schmitz said "We have a piece of pottery that we found, and we also found a piece of metal".

Other artifacts included a fork, pieces of Indian arrowheads, bricks, even medicine bottles.

Archeologist Jack Elliott said "They used some kind of a medicine here almost certainly for some of the people, elderly people living on the grounds. I don't know what it was consisted of, but I suspect it had a little bit of alcohol in it".

The work was messy, but digging up history helped open up the students' minds about life after the Civil War.

Grace said "When we found the arrowhead we were like oh, that's so cool, because we know it's from a long time ago. It's not just a piece of rock".

Shane said "It's pretty cool. Once you see it and you feel so happy that you found an artifact and you're like wow, you just don't do this everyday".

This is the ninth year Beauvoir has hosted the history dig for Junior and High School students to help them learn the basics of Archeology. The artifacts they found will be added to the collection at the museum.