Wiggins Thrilled About Return Of 890th

Specialist Jennifer Edwards has never met the Stone County detachment that uses this armory. Yet, she got assigned the task of throwing a welcome home party for the 21 Stone County reservists.

"It isn't going to be much," she said. "These guys want to go home. And I want to send them home. They're only going to be here for about 15 minutes."

During that short ceremony, the 890th members will get welcome home gift boxes filled with girl scout cookies. And they'll get to read the thank you messages that line the armory's walls. Edwards couldn't wait for the party to begin.

"I don't even know who they are. I'm not from this unit," she said. "But I'm glad to have them home. They're part of the Mississippi Army National Guard."

They're also part of the Stone County community. And based on the ribbons and signs around Wiggins, neighbors desperately missed their war heroes. That message was clearly spelled out in red, white and blue cups.

Jenna Owen and her fellow Stone Middle School student council members created this welcome home sign.

"It's just time we showed our appreciation," Owen said.

The sign is on the school's chain link fence next to Highway 26. It's just a handful of yellow ribbons away from the armory.

"It was fun doing it," student council vice president Gabriel Wilson said. "And I hope the people coming here, they appreciate it."

Katelynne Goble said the student council created the patriotic message for the 890th, "Because we felt that they went over there to maybe give up their life. So we could at least give something back to show that we really appreciate them for doing it."