Long-Awaited Bridge To Open Soon

We caught up with a teacher at Delisle Elementary School, who says the easy access courtesy of the Bayou Portage bridge has definitely been missed for the past 17 months.

"I live on the other end of Henderson, so it would be much easier for me to just drive straight down Henderson and come to school. But I have to go all the way around. So that's causing extra gas money and gas mileage on my car also," said Delisle Elementary Teacher Assistant Jennifer Cooper.

The extra money and mileage is spent on being redirected from Henderson Avenue to North Street to Menge Avenue.

The school's principal, Meredith Bang, says even though the detour is a bit out of the way, it's really not that bad.

"It actually has not created as many problems as we had possibly anticipated. We were concerned that it would cause us to pick children up earlier than what we normally do. But with team work within our district and flexibility within scheduling and bus drivers, we've been able to compensate for the time in a reasonable manner," said Bang.

We found construction crew members pouring concrete and gearing up to place guard rails on the new five million dollar, long overdue bridge.

And despite what seems like a never-ending inconvenience, there is a ray of sunshine.

"On my first detour, the first day approximately a year ago or a year and a half ago, that I did detour, I noticed a rose garden on Menge that I had never seen before and I think they say that happiness really is finding joy along detours. So I believe that there's something to that," said Bang.

Again, the bridge is scheduled to open in May.

In July 2002, Harrison County officials said a new bridge was needed after workers noticed some unusual noises while raising the drawbridge.