Biloxi Teens Overcome Job Interview Jitters

Biloxi High students Tim Ber and Tin Tran go over their resumes one last time. They're both interviewing for the same job - Assistant Sales Manager Trainee.

"I'm nervous, nervous. The night before, I just picked out some clothes and ironed it and just have it ready so I wouldn't be under much stress," Junior Tin Tran said.

"I just covered any questions that I might be asked, and what I would answer. I'm hoping for the best I guess," Senior Tim Ber said.

The Cooperative Education students have been learning the skills for a successful interview. Now, it's time to impress an employer, who has a lot of experience hiring people.

"They have to make the best appearance they can because in the work force, everything is so competitive. If you go in and you slouch and you're not dressed properly, you're going to be eliminated," Teacher Jane Lamb said.

Tin Tran tries hard to sell himself.

"I'm very outgoing, I have a great personality, I'm very responsible".

Meanwhile, Tim Ber is starting to get the jitters. But, he quickly gains his confidence, telling his employer "If there's anything else I need to learn, I'm sure I can take it home with me and learn it overnight".

Once it's over, the applicants feel a wave of relief.

"I feel great actually. I feel very confident that I'm going to get the job," Tim Ber said.

"I was a little nervous at first, but it's better than I expected. I mean I thought it was going to be worse, but hey, I think I did very well," Tin Tran said.

The employer seems impressed with the pool of applicants.

"When they get ready to go out in the world and apply for jobs, I think they will have good experience and it's great for them to start this young," Polly Ladner said.

The pressure's not over yet. The students will get feedback from their employers and they'll be graded on their mock interviews. Members of the Biloxi Bay Chamber helped out with the interview sessions.