Man reported missing arrested for armed robbery

William Sidney Allgood (Photo Source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department)
William Sidney Allgood (Photo Source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department)

HURLEY, MS (WLOX) - A usually quiet shift at the Greer's Market in Hurley turned dramatic for two employees when the store was robbed at gunpoint.

On March 11, the store manager had locked up after closing when he noticed an extra person in the store.

"At first he thought, it was the closeout boy," said the store's supervisor Jim Dodge.  "Then the guy turned around and pointed a gun at him."

The robber allegedly hid a cooler, waiting for the store to close.  Then he led the manager and another employee to the front of the store, where the robber had him open the safe.  With cash in hand, the suspect fled.

Officials say he ran into the woods behind the store.

"From what we understand, his vehicle was broke down; it wouldn't crank. He stayed in the woods for a couple of days and made his way back to his home," said Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd.

Officials believe the robber, was William "Sid" Allgood.  Allgood's family reported him missing after he had not been seen since the day of the robbery.

When Allgood reappeared several days later, the Sheriff's department was contacted.  That's when the Jackson County man was connected to the robbery.

"You could tell he'd been out in the woods for a while because he had bug bites and scratches and scrapes from the briars and everything. But, he's in custody. He's been fully cooperated," said Byrd.

Officials were able to find Allgood's alleged campsite.  There, they found the stolen cash buried.  Two weapons used in the robbery along with a jacket and hat worn by the suspect were also recovered.

The Sheriff says the 59 year old had no prior criminal record, but seems to be a troubled man.

"He did offer a statement that he was depressed, and that he was contemplating suicide. He had gotten to the point where he was indigent," said Byrd.

Byrd says Allgood will be given a mental evaluation.  He is being held under a $20,000 bond, and is charged with armed robbery.

Back at the store, workers are glad the case is solved.  The store's supervisor says they are considering increasing the store's security measures.

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