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CrazyBracket: Don't trust a coworker

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Day 1

(RNN) - I made the grave mistake of selecting Southern Mississippi because it is the alma mater of my coworker Sebe Dale, who is good at fixing computers. If you need your computer fixed, choose Sebe. If you want a team that can make it past the first round, forget the Golden Eagles.

Good to see Marquette make mincemeat out of Brigham Young, which ruined my chance of a perfect bracket and a cool $5 mil from ESPN. Iona built a 3-billion point lead then blew it paving the way for BYU to get butchered by Marquette once the real tournament started.

UNC Ashville gave Syracuse a big old headache and everybody had a reason to watch basketball instead of work Thursday afternoon in the No. 1-seed vs. the 16th seed battle of the afternoon. Syracuse wears orange and their nickname is the The Orange. How original.

In the battle of the schools most of us couldn't get into: Vandy leads Harvard 33-22 at half.

The domination of teams that play in real conferences continues. SEC SEC. Vandy continues the slaughter of the Crimson. Big deal. We'll all work for Harvard grads one day.

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