Biloxi's Vietnamese Community Wins Flag Battle

It's a major victory to many people in Biloxi's Vietnamese community. Tuesday, the Biloxi City Council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution recognizing the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag as the official symbol of the Vietnamese-American community in the city.

The yellow flag with red stripes was the flag of South Vietnam until the country was defeated by the communist north.

The council's vote drew thunderous applause from the crowd gathered at the meeting.

"This flag belongs to our people. Our Vietnamese free people. We keep this flag. Right now, you can see everywhere in the world - France, Malaysia. Every time we have a celebration, we use this flag. We do not recognize the regime flag, the communist flag," Biloxi resident Trong Nguyen said.

Nguyen spearheaded the campaign urging the city of Biloxi to only fly the old South Vietnamese flag if it's ever used in a public celebration or display. Click here to read more about why this is such an emotional issue for Nguyen and other Vietnamese-Americans.