Harrison Co. beach crews getting ready for Spring Break

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - With many families expected to make sun and sand part of their Spring Break vacations, Harrison County Sand Beach crews are stepping beach maintenance up a notch. However, officials said it's not as big a job as it used to be.

Seventy-five Anniston Elementary students were asked where they wanted to celebrate making the honor roll. They told their teachers, the beach.

Becki Shoemake, a teacher, said, "We chose the beach because the children are always talking about how much fun they have here."

With Spring Break just around the corner, Harrison County Sand Beach crews are doing some Spring cleaning. Officials said they are about to start running more beach cleaners more often and do extensive mowing of medians. Although crews have to first remove sand from the medians, officials said it's much less than in years past.

"Our new pedestrian pathway that is right here, it's holding a lot of the sand material from blowing over and getting on the highway,"said Chuck Loftis, Harrison County Sand Beach Director. "The beach dune grass that we planted, it's doing phenomenal. It's doing great. So if we can get some more of that, that will help also."

To keep more sand on the beach and off the roads, crews are trying to maintain sand levels at 42 inches below the sea wall.

Loftis said, "Where there is no pedestrian pathway, the sand is still blowing over. So we're doing profiling to try to get at least four steps of seawall to be seen. That will help with the sand blowing up on the highway."

Officials said they also have the public to thank for doing their part in making the beach cleanup job easier.

"The people are picking up trash a lot better than what they have in previous years," said Loftis. "Right now we're putting out some more drums. We'll have approximately 400 drums for the 26 miles of beach."

Harrison County Sand Beach officials say they try to keep the sand level at 42 inches below the seawall because any lower and they would be required to put in hand rails.

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