Pass Christian Fire Station 2 is forced to shut down

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Less than three years after being built, Pass Christian has shut down Fire Station 2, but why so soon? The closing was due mostly in part to a mold problem that was making the firemen sick.

Pass Christian Mayor McDermott explained why they closed the Fire Station 2, which is located across the street from Pass Christian High School.

"Our project manager who helps with all the projects like that, identified some mold that we believe is a result of ventilation problems. At the last city council meeting the chief brought up the problem and moved them out of Fire Station 2 and moved them into Fire Station 1," McDermott said.

The mayor said, the city may have to get temporary housing for the firemen and place them at Fire Station 2.

Fire Station 2, also known as, The Horace Necaise Junior Fire Station, cost $547,000 to construct and was dedicated on August 29, 2009. On that day Mississippi State Fire Academy Director Reggie Bell said, the new fire station was the spirit of dedication and determination. He called it a home away from home.

Unfortunately that home away from home had to be abandoned.

"It's a brand new building. So we've hired a mechanical engineer, who specializes in stuff to tell us what options we need to do, to rectify it immediately," McDermott said.

I was told by some firemen that the building was making them sick when they were on duty.

"I hadn't heard that. We had one that wrote a letter that said something about there was mold in there. So we're not trying to hide anything from them," McDermott said. "They're our first responders so we definitely are not going to do anything to jeopardize them."

Samuel B. Day Construction in Gulfport built the fire station and Day told me he was notified by city officials on Monday of a possible mold problem. Once the building is inspected, Day said, he will access the problem to see what must be done to fix the building. He was scheduled to inspect the fire house on Tuesday.

Pass Christian Fire Chief Dwight Gordon said, they don't know when firemen can move back into Fire Station 2. However, he said, city officials will work as quickly as possible.

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