Amazing 92-year-old has new knees

SAUCIER, MS (WLOX) - As we age, our joints get worn out, leading many people to get joint replacements in their sixties and seventies; but what about getting joints replaced in your nineties? Sherwood Goff from Saucier has always lived an active life, and even at 92 he wasn't about to let his bad knees keep him from living his life.

Living a full life well into your 90's is an amazing feat in and of itself, but Goff goes way beyond that. This longtime educator and coach didn't slow down after retirement, and he's not about to slow down now.

With a big smile on his face holding his wife's hands, Goff says, "I can do whatever I want to do, even jump up and down." His wife Annette adds, "That's right we'll be back to jitterbugging soon. "

Goff spends a lot of time outdoors, and also in his workshop where he uses his skills to help run the crossbow business he operates with his son Jerry.

"This keeps us pretty busy," Goff said.

Goff doesn't look 92 and he certainly doesn't feel or act it. But in recent years his aging knees started to take a toll on his active lifestyle.

"My knees were so bad til I hated to do anything, anything that involved moving around; I couldn't go without hurting".

That's when he decided to talk to orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Dudley Burwell about knee replacement. His overall good health and his determination,  \made him a good candidate for the surgery despite his age.

"I would advise anybody who has real bad knees to get it done," Goff said.

He had both knees replaced the same day late last year.

Recovery wasn't easy and he purposely lost 20 pounds on his already fit frame to make it easier. But 4 months later he's back in business. He says surgery was his ace in the hole.

"They're still a little sore, but I am so tickled with them, I can do anything I wanna do, well almost anything",  he says as he winks and laughs.

Now he's back living a full life without pain enjoying time with his family especially his wife of 63 years. He still has work to do, but says his knees are getting stronger every day. He grabs his knee and pulls it up to his chest and says, "If you can do this, you've got it whipped."

Goff is very humble when asked about his secret to a long healthy life.

However, he says he believes it's important to stay active and keep a good attitude.

"I think I have a good outlook on life and I have a good family. It's been a good life. A good life," Goff added.

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