Nursing Home Tax Would Help Residents

A bill before state lawmakers should improve the quality of care in nursing homes.

This bill is part of the Medicare Bill and would raise the nursing home bed tax from $4.00 to $6.00 a day.

The homes will have to pay more in taxes in the short term, but at the end of the year, all of that money will be matched and then repaid three to one from federal grants.

Nursing home residents and administrators say this extra money will improve the quality of care in nursing homes state-wide.

"It would be more money coming in for us," Eileen Sumrall, a nursing home resident said.  "I think it would be really nice for the residents."

"By investing this money into our plan, we can get the federal government to give us matching funds which in fact doubles the amount of money or triples the amount of money depending on the matching level,"  Nate Payne, a nursing home administrator in Gautier said.

Last year there were over 14,000 Mississippians in nursing and veterans homes.

The bill would impact the 204 nursing homes in Mississippi.

By: Claire Nelson