Visitors get sneak peek of Infinity Space Center

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The countdown is on until the launch a multi-million dollar space and exploration center. Infinity is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to Hancock County each year. The interactive exhibits open to the public in 32 days, but Saturday some lucky visitors got a sneak peek.

The children learned how astronauts at the International Space Station work, eat and sleep.

"When you have to sleep you have to zip yourself down," said Steven Labat from Pass Christian Elementary. "Everything is Velcro."

The Infinity Science Center hopes to inspire young people to study science, technology, and engineering by getting an opportunity to spend time with people now working in those fields.

Myron Webb is the NASA liaison for Infinity board.

"Visitors are going to have a chance not only to learn about the work of the 1,700 scientists and engineers and 1,300 technicians that work at Stennis Space Center every day involved in exploration from the bottom of the ocean to the far reaches of the universe, but they'll be able to interact with many of those folks," Webb said.

Along with learning the latest in space technology, visitors here will also get a history lesson. This exhibit is called "Great Nations Dare To Explore."

"It's all about what's happened to civilizations that have explored," said Webb. "Those that don't pursue science technology and aren't very involved in exploration and how they wither away. So we're very fortunate that in America our country has dared to explore and is still continuing to explore."

The kids said they're so impressed they'll be back, and they'll bring their friends.

"I think it would be like a really new learning experience," said Jamie Beck. "Really different from what they're being taught in school and they might learn a lot more from it."

Officials said they are still in the process of the setting up the many displays for the April 12 opening. On Monday, an 18 wheeler will arrive full of exhibits.

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