College Students Help Habitat For Humanity

Eighteen University of Wisconsin students are on the Coast for their spring break, but it's not the beach that brought them here.

After a 23 hour ride packed into two vans and a car, the students found themselves on Gulfport's Rosalyn Street. That is where they have volunteered to help build a home for Habitat for Humanity .

Steve Keidel is one of those students.

"I have learned leadership skills, teamwork and communication. Working with all sorts of people has been a terrific experience, and we have really had a great deal of fun."

In just a few hours, the students had already put up three walls.

Besides helping others, the University of Wisconsin students say it sure is nice to be away from their frigid temperatures up north right now.

In their free time, what little there is, they hope to enjoy the beach and some seafood. They head back Saturday, and despite the long ride back, all agreed it is well worth the time and effort.

Everyone of the students said they hope to participate again in a Habitat for Humanity project.