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WLOX Editorial: Know where your storm shelters are

This hurricane season the coast will have something it has not had before. New storm shelters that can house thousands of local residents who might otherwise have had to evacuate miles away.  These shelters are a lot safer than what was used in the past.

The new shelters are built to current building codes. The most recent community to come on line with storm shelters is Stone County. The five, five thousand square foot buildings have enough space for 25 hundred people. The fortified buildings are self sustaining, which means they have back up power, water and sewer systems.

George, Jackson, Harrison and Hancock Counties all have new storm shelters as well.In some communities the shelters are not just sitting idle waiting for a storm to approach. Communities are using the shelters as meeting places and school districts are using them for activities as well.

Please become acquainted with the shelter in your community so when the next storm approaches you will already know where you can go for safe shelter during a storm.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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