Gulf Coast Winter Classic Ends With A "Dream"

The scene was simply equestrian elegance at its best as horses from all over the United States, with names like Monte Cristo, Magic, and Fireball, showed off their majestic skills for an eager crowd.

"It's great. It's great. I've been coming out here for three years and we just love it. It's good entertainment," said spectator Fred Stephens.

"I love these horses. They're beautiful. They're just beautiful horses," said spectator Lois Majure.

Beautiful horses that are trained to win.

After five weeks of competition, it came down to only the best of the best.

In the Lucky Sevens Master's Tournament of Horse Jumping, seven top horses had to jump the course within a certain amount of time without knocking down any fences or obstacles.

A white horse named Daydream proved that she was more than a fleeting moment.

With flawless performance, Daydream and her owner Holly Shepherd of Grand Bay, Alabama, won the prize of $77,700.

"I feel great. It's nice you know. She's always a lot of fun to ride, and it always gives you a great feeling when you're riding around the ring. You know she's gonna do the right thing when you get there. It's a nice feeling," said Shepherd.

A nice feeling that other riders as well as spectators hope to share in the years to come.

"Everyone has the vision that this can be one of the best horse shows in the country and really and truly now it really is," said event producer Janet McCarroll.

In case you're wondering, Holly Shepherd plans to put her winnings in a college fund for her three-year-old.

All proceeds from this year's Winter Classic benefit the South Mississippi Soccer Club.