Spring Classic Rolls Into Gulfport

Seventeen-year-old Lance Landry has a love for antique cars.

The high school student even owns a car that is only one year younger than he is.

"Classic cars just have an appeal that newer cars don't. they have a certain timeless age to them and the passion of people who have them are just beyond that of typical car owners today," said Landry.

Lance and hundreds of other spectators were able to witness that retro passion Saturday afternoon at the fourth annual Gulfport Spring Classic at the Rice Pavilion.

268 classic cars, new cars, motorcycles and trucks traveled from as far away as Florida to compete for bragging rights or should we say "burning rubber" rights in this open competition.

"Classic cars have become just a very wonderful interest to everyone and in searching for new ideas to raise money for our club, we thought this would be a good event. It's a family event, because when you get one car, you get mom, dad, and all the kids and that's one of the things that we're all about," said Gulfport Exchange Club finance chair Mary Currie.

We're sure a few families enjoyed looking at Wayne Bullock's 1955 2-door hard top Chevy BelAir.

He says since August, he has shelled out nearly 4200 dollars to maintain his vintage beauty, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

"I have to have the sound. You know, I have to listen to my pipes talk to one another. Classic cars, I mean, it takes you back to the days. You know you see a lot of it on the tube and all that stuff and you know you never realize what it was really like. And now grown folks just want to be a kid all over again, you know," said Bullock.

And heading back to the good old days is what this classic event is all about.

Proceeds from today's event will benefit the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse which provides free prevention, education and intervention services in the southern 25 counties of the state.