Gulfport robotics students raise money for wounded vet

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - As traffic cruised by 43rd Street in Gulfport Saturday, a group of students flagged down as many motorists they could. The kids were energetic and motivated for a good reason.

"Today we're raising money for Kevin Trimble. He was a part of Robotics, which is a Robotics team based out of New Orleans," Team Fusion Member Amanda Ladner explained. "A few years back, he went and decided to serve in the military after graduating high school. And when he went over to Afghanistan, his squad was injured in an IED."

That accident resulted in Kevin losing both legs and an arm. He eventually wants to get back into Robotics, so Team Fusion is raising money to help with his recovery efforts.

"We're actually on track in the next couple of weeks to generate about $1,200," Zach Bodenhamer said proudly. "It's just fantastic anytime we can get the community involved with what we're trying to do. If we know it's a good cause, it's just a great feeling for us."

The community has definitely gotten involved. Shannon Switzer said she felt compelled to stop and show some support.

"I went to Gulfport High and Robotics was very important whenever I went, and I know a lot of people that participate in it," Switzer said. "God told me to give. What they're doing is great."

"He's actually a part of one of the teams we rival against quite a bit, almost every year. But one of the things about first robotics is that there's cooper-tition, which in our terms would be kind of like cooperation. We might be going against someone, but we're going to help each other out as much as we can," Ladner said.

The group also hosts card drives to send letters of support to our troops overseas. Next up for Team Fusion is a competition in the Bayou Regionals in New Orleans.

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