Local Fans React To Brutal Hockey Fight

"Mostly it's about, you know when I fight it's mostly I'm sticking up for my teammates or myself," said Mississippi Sea Wolves Roger Maxwell.

Sea Wolves Player Roger Maxwell didn't earn his nickname "the Enforcer" for no reason.

He was suspended for misconduct in a recent game.

"When you go out there you're not initially thinking of hurting the person . You just want to leave a message where he knows that if something goes wrong or if he does something out of line , you're gonna be over there just to let him know what's going on," said Maxwell.

Maxwell believes he has some control over how aggressive he is on the ice. But he, like many others, believe violence is simply part of the game.

"Hockey is a physical sport so any time you got guys out there banging and crashing into the boards and you know you're carrying sticks around you, it's gonna get a little hectic out there, and it's just the ref's job to make sure that they keep things under control and I think it has to stay within the limits of the rink and I think most parts you don't see these things happen very often," said Mississippi Sea Wolves head coach Bob Woods.

While many fans fill the stands waiting for an action-packed night, the question remains "is the game becoming too violent?"

"If I was sitting there on the ice and somebody was there knocking me and shoving my head after so long, I guess it just depends on how long your tolerance level could be," said fan Belinda Webb.

"We like to see it get a little rough as long as no one tries to hurt anyone deliberately. We don't want to see players get hurt by cheap shots," said fan Greg McGhee.

"It's always been too violent. OK? You have 3 referees that are out there watching a real, real fast game, and they can't keep up with it and a lot of bad stuff happens, and a lot of grudges are carried and I think that hurts the game," said fan Dave Bussell.

Steve Moore is out for the season and remains in stable condition in a Vancouver hospital.

Todd Bertuzzi has been suspended for at least 13 games including the playoffs.