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Covington Co. student handcuffed at school...for missing class


A Covington County couple is outraged because their 11-year-old son was handcuffed in front of his classmates by authorities.

Angela and Christopher Thompson of Mount Olive say their son was handcuffed and escorted out of his 5th grade classroom by a Covington County Sheriff Deputy for missing too many days of school.

Angela Thompson says "We are not disputing the fact that the children have missed days. My son got off the bus in tears, crying. I thought maybe he was joking, he said no mama they handcuffed me and took me out. How come I wasn't notified. How come you felt it necessary to handcuff an 11- year-old little boy."

According to the Thompson's, their children have missed close to 20 days during this school year. Therefore the school truancy officer paid them a visit, summoned the parents and children to court; however, only the father showed up on court date.

Christopher Thompson says "Ms. Drummond comes out talked to every parent in the courtroom except for me. Acknowledging me but didn't never come up and discuss anything of the case."

He says everyone was called into court one by one to face the judge except him.

He says once he notified the bailiff that he was there also for a truancy issue, he was informed that an order had been signed to pick up the Thompson's, not knowing it was his kids. He says by the time the arrest warrant was canceled the 11-year-old had already been picked up.

Thompson says "As a father it tears me down because you bring your kids up telling them look police officers, judges, and all of them are here to help you and them when this goes down, I mean how do you explain it to your kids."

Seven On Your Side spoke with Covington County Sheriff Stann Smith. He says the department is holding an internal investigation on this matter.

The student was released and returned to school minutes after being handcuffed in front of his classmates.

Meanwhile Covington County School System Title One Coordinators, Babette Duty, says the district was surprised to hear this happened.

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