Work to resume on Hancock Co. Health building

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Work could resume soon on a $3 million building that has been sitting unfinished for months now.

WLOX reported last month, the contractors building the new health and human services building, walked off the job. WLOX News found out what has changed.

The sounds of construction haven't been heard at the job site in nearly two months.

The construction workers on the job site Wednesday were hired to secure the building, after the original contractor left the job undone.

"The contractor initially told us he was terminating the contract due to differences with the project manager or architect and because of cost of the project that were unforeseen," said County Attorney Ronnie Artigues.

Artigues say that disagreement led to the work stopping and an investigation by the contractor's bonding company.

"They have finished their investigation, their review. They are taking over the project," explained Artigues.

It will take about 30 days to get a new contractor on the job.

"So it appears there is finally progress moving toward completing the building," according to the county attorney.

The building was supposed to be finished last November, and county leaders have no idea how long the rest of the work will take.

Health and Human service workers are some of the last still doing business out of trailers since Katrina.

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