Keesler Commander Leaving

General Michael Peterson says he is going to miss his hometown. The Keesler commander has been re-assigned to Barksdale Air Force base in Louisianna.

Peterson is the first Biloxi high grad to ever be in command at Keesler... General Peterson has been at Keesler for two years, and although he knew two years was the typical stay, when the Air Force told him he was being reassigned, he had some sadness. Nevertheless, you might be surprised to hear about the first thing that crossed his mind. "My first thought," the general said, " was quite honestly, I am going to miss the spring fishing season, I am not kidding."

That's not all he is going to miss. Michael Peterson says he immensely proud of the men and women who serve at this base. He told WLOX, "I want everyone of them to know they are respected, they are valued and I expect everyone of them to make an input on what we are doing every day."

He's been in the Air Force for 30 years now, and has moved 17 times, but never in his wildest dreams, did he think one day, he would command the base in his hometown. In his new job, Peterson will be vice commander of the 8TH Air Force. It includes 9 bases scattered all around the country. He will also be promoted to a two star general. But, Peterson says don't think you have seen the last of him. He and his wife, Susan, also a Biloxi High grad, say they will be back here one day. "Well I am going to be a civlian, and Susan and I will find something down here, and find something on the gulf coast, because this is home," he said.