See tourism through the eyes of Long Beach teenagers

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - A new marketing video will soon make its debut. The video is not being made by any advertising firm or tourism agency. It's actually being created by some Long Beach teenagers.

Long Beach leaders had approached the school district, asking if the students can work on a visual campaign to tell the world about their wonderful city. Some Long Beach High students took on the challenge. They picked up their cameras to capture the sights and sounds of their scenic city.

"So whether you're talking about faith, food, fun, fellowship or just down-home family activities," said speech teacher Vivian Ward as she stood in front of the video camera.

While Ward practiced her lines Tuesday, the camera zoomed in to record her every word.

"Come on down to my hometown," Ward said.

Ward, fellow teacher Darlene Cormier and the journalism students at Long Beach High are creating their own video to showcase the city's charm, achievements and family-friendly atmosphere.

"We want people to see that Long Beach really is special, kind of like our little hamlet that we call home," said Ward. "Very often it seems that we get lost in the hustle and bustle. A lot of people have called us a bedroom community, and we want to show them that we're a whole lot more than just that."

The class has spent the past month traveling all over town capturing the city's award-winning schools, unique cuisine, businesses and of course, the scenery. Students called it an eye-opening assignment.

"We were sent out to film everything that we pass by on the way to school," said Long Beach High senior Morgan Linnett. "We see all the time, but we don't really notice how lucky [we are]. We take for granted, like how beautiful Long Beach really is."

The three-minute marketing video will be given to the city, local businesses, military bases and schools to post on their web sites.

"It's great if we get tourists in, and I think that's awesome," said Ward. "It's also nice if people find out that Long Beach is a great place to live and raise a family."

"It's pretty great to be involved. I love having something to do that's going to bring people here. We really are the Friendly City," said Linnett.

That's the title of their video, "Long Beach: The Friendly City." The students expect to finish the video by April, so they can present it to the Board of Aldermen for approval.

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