Family Seeks Answers About Missing Man

There is a 10-thousand dollar reward being offered for any information regarding the disappearance of a Diamondhead man. It's been more than a month since 79-year-old Floyd Price was last seen at his condo. Family members believe foul play is involved in Price's disappearance.

" In my mind it was abduction or foul play of some sort." Said J.C Price. J.C is Floyd's younger brother. J.C saw his brother last when he dropped him off at his condo the night he vanished. " What concerns me most is he didn't walk off he didn't suffer from amnesia or anything like that. Floyd didn't go to casino's he didn't go any where at night." Floyd lives a few blocks away from his brother in Diamondhead. J.C says he became concerned about Floyd when he didn't hear from him. " Everyday he'd either come by or we'd talk on the phone." He says when he went to Floyd's condo he saw his brother's truck and car were still in the drive-way and all of his clothes were still in his closets. "His shoes that he would normally wear his every day shoes were still there in the living room." " We suspect foul play but there's no evidence of foul play at all at this time. We had the crime lab out at his home there's no signs of any struggle or crime scene of anything happening to the man." Kenneth Hurt , The Hancock County Sheriff's Department's Chief Investigator.

Investigators say Floyd's credit cards haven't been used since his disappearance February 4th. They say they are currently looking into his checking account. " There were 2 checks written the day after or the day he disappeared. Three thousand dollars each." Said Price. Price says he has given up hope of finding his brother alive. He says it's just not like Floyd to leave without contacting him and other family members. " I miss him very much."The 10-thousand dollar reward is being offered to anyone who brings forth information that not only leads to Price , but also to a conviction of whoever may be to blame for his disappearance.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Hancock County Sheriff's Office at 467-5101.