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Cleaning up the Broadwater property


The Biloxi City Council on Tuesday will consider issuing an order to inspect the old Broadwater property to find out if the owners are meeting a requirement to clean up the Katrina damaged beach front property.

It stretches from the famous marina on the south end to the old Broadwater golf course, northward to Pass Road. Biloxi put the entire site on its blighted property list. The owners are complying with an order to remove structures and get the tract of land in acceptable condition.

"From a personal, as well as a community pride," said Roy Anderson, III. "Number one, it's important to Biloxi. And as a property owner, it's important to us. We want our property looking as best as it can."

On the golf course, only a slab sits as evidence of the club house. Maintenance buildings and other structures have been removed. Fallen trees and other debris have been pushed into piles and the old fairways, greens and tee boxes have been mowed.

Roy Anderson said the 260 acres of valuable property is on the market. The recession has hurt prospective deals, but he feels obligated to keep one of the best known properties on the coast as clean as possible.

"It's a reflection of the market in terms of how properties look. Not just in Biloxi, but the entire Gulf Coast."

One of the first moves was to remove hurricane damaged pilings and boat slips from the marina, along with concrete moorings that held the President Casino. The old water tower in the middle of the property is the only remaining structure, and there is some debate over what to do with it.

"In its hey day, the water tower was a landmark. That's the only item left. Whether it's incorporated into any development, or if it's simply painted, or just torn down." 

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