Moss Point Police organize messy evidence room

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point Police's Chief Keith Davis said after years of disorder, the room that holds key evidence in crimes is now reorganized and more secure.

Davis said the evidence room was in shambles, which affected investigations. City leaders agreed with Davis and paid to get the room straightened out.

Davis said when he took office last year he couldn't believe that Moss Point's evidence room was in such disarray.

"Yes, I was shocked," Davis said about the room. "Due to the fact that we had old evidence in the evidence room, and evidence that was no longer needed or had any evidentiary value."

Back in 2009, The Jackson County District Attorney's Office said it was forced to dismiss capital murder charges against two men, and part of the blame was put on Moss Point for misplaced evidence. The police department then hired a technician to straighten out the room, but Davis she was later terminated.

"The task was still left undone until December 2011," Davis said. "The mayor and board of Aldermen agreed and hired on a contract George Chaix from the Gulfport Police Department to come in an assist us to organize, purge, and do away with old pieces of evidence."

After days of reorganizing, the evidence room was put back in order.

"This is, to date, one of my proudest moments to come in and show that this evidence room is under control," Davis said.  "It is organized by case number, type of crime, and year."

The chief is working with his staff to keep the room organized, so they can retrieve what they need for the very important judicial process.

"When are you dealing with serious crimes or non-serious crimes, you still have a victim," Davis said. "We want every victim to know that we are doing everything possible make sure justice is served."

The Moss Point Board of Aldermen spent $1,000 reorganizing the evidence room.

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