Authorities respond to bomb scare in Vancleave

VANCLEAVE, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi bomb squad spent Saturday morning investigating a suspicious device on a property in Vancleave. They were called out after a neighbor reportedly discovered what he thought was a live explosive.

After hearing stories of an unexploded military device causing massive damage at a home in Gulfport last month, Jackson County officials said they weren't taking any chances.

Neighbors of the property owners where the device were found are angry. One in particular who spoke to WLOX asked to remain anonymous.

"We're very nervous. There's always been something going on ever since those people have moved up on the end of this road. We're tired of it. We're very tired of it, and we'll just be glad when it's all over with," she said.

After the scare of finding military explosives on the property just a few feet away from her own, the Biloxi Bomb Squad was called out to the scene.

"I came out here, took a look at it and determined that what it is, is two pieces of munitions stuck together. It's a 40 millimeter projectile that was stuck down into the nose pin of a practice rocket," Sergeant John Campbell said.

Another resident walking the area stumbled on the device Saturday morning. The Biloxi Bomb Squad was requested shortly after to determine what, if any danger the device posed.

"The whole thing, while looking very lethal is actually quite safe in the center. These two pieces of munitions are military property whether they're inert or live. Civilians are not aloud to have them," Campbell said.

Considering how a similar situation played out in Harrison County, these residents say they were lucky.

The anonymous homeowner I spoke with says this is exactly the kind of thing that she does not want in her neighborhood.

"I had seen it before, but I didn't think nothing about it. I thought it was a toy from the neighbor's grandchild, and they were just keeping it from them," she said. "Or I thought it was a firework that they just didn't use. The neighborhood could be gone, and it's a very peaceful neighborhood."

From here, it's up to the Jackson County Sheriffs Department and ATF to decide whether or not to open a case.

The the homeowners who had the military device in their possession weren't at home at the time of the investigation. That same property was the site of a trailer fire around 2:00 AM this morning.

Authorities say they don't believe the two incidents were connected.

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