Heroes' Welcome Planned By Kids

The kids at the Gautier First Baptist after-school program may look like they're just coloring a poster, but they're making this poster for a soldier who's coming home this weekend.

"Right now we're just making posters welcoming him home and telling him that we've been praying for him and thanking him for the job he's done over in Iraq, and he's been away from his family, and we've missed him, and the children have missed him," Kim Ord, director of the after-school program said.

The soldier who's been gone for eight months is Derrick Savage, Christian and Joseph Savage's uncle.

Five-year-old Christian and seven-year-old Joseph both wore their fatigues to day care to get ready for his return.

"We've been very excited, and we like to make wear our suits since he's coming home," Joseph Savage, nephew of Derrick Savage said.

"They got uniforms for Christmas that are just like their Uncle's, and they of course idealize everything that he's doing, so it's been a real neat experience for them, so we're just glad to see him come home," Heather Savage, sister-in-law of Derrick Savage said.

Heather Savage is Christian and Joseph's mom.

She said she was overwhelmed by the support of the kids and teachers, who've been making her brother-in-law welcome signs for his return.

"Yesterday afternoon they had mentioned we're going to make signs tomorrow for Derrick for his homecoming so the kids can take it with them," Heather Savage said. "And that really does mean a lot because that means not only do we think of him so do other people."

"Just to make him feel happy, and they're back home and welcome back to their home," Joseph Savage said.

And the Savages said with the help of First Baptist, they'll have the tools they need to say "Welcome Home".

By: Claire Nelson