Some streets flooding as rivers rise

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The severe weather has come and gone but the impact on South Mississippi is still being felt. In Harrison County, flooding has made some roads impassable. Officials said as rivers continue to rise they expected more streets to go under water. River residents like Marty Miller are closely watching the rising water.

When Miller is trying to figure out if severe weather will make the Biloxi River overflow its banks, he pays close attention to the wind direction and the amount of rainfall.  He said many times the river itself will tell him what he wants to know.

"The tell tale signs typically are watch the river. Watch the flow," said Miller. "The one unique pattern to the river here is that we get foaming on the top of the river out here and generally debris. When you see the foam you know you've got a flood coming."

"The roads have specific spots that we have to watch. That you know once the water is there that it is time to move on out. Get the cars to higher ground," Miller said.

Some of Miller's neighbors on River Road were looking for higher ground on Sunday afternoon as much of River Road was more river than road.

"Luckily this community has always been pretty tight knit and when anything is going on we're making calls to each other," said Miller. "A great place to live because we watch each other's back and keep each other informed."

As close an eye as Miller keeps on Mother Nature, he admitted that no one can ever be exactly sure what she'll do.

"Last night was kind of unique where I didn't feel like we got a whole lot of rain here," Miller said. "I wasn't overly worried and sure enough it rose in a matter of two hours about a foot and a half which is pretty fast. Over all the river is deep enough and wide enough now over the last few years since Katrina, it's got a lot easier to predict."

Miller said whatever the inconveniences and challenges, the beauty and benefits of living on the river make it all worth it.

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