Pearl River County residents picking up the pieces

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - To say Pearl River County residents experienced some tense and rocky weather might be an under statement.

"It came on quickly a lot of people just had time to get inside," said Mark McCormick, the Chief of the Southeast Pearl River County Volunteer Fire Department.

"It felt like Katrina," store owner Butch Naquin said.

The powerful winds ripped off the side of Naquin's convenience store.

Naquin said, "We thought the whole building was going to fall down, but I guess we're lucky just half the building fell down."

He, two of his employees and a customer were inside the building when it happened.

"I was pretty scared," Naquin said.

He wasted no time putting a temporary patch on the building.

Authorities say storm blew in with enough force to down hundreds of trees and power lines leaving more than 68-hundred people without electricity.

"We had a lot of power poles snapped just from the sheer wind," Pearl River County Emergency Operation Center Director Danny Manley said. "We were without power, a lot of people up to six hours. There are still a few without power, but that should be coming on line shortly."

Manley said the damage is widespread.

"There was a roof ripped completely off of a home. It wasn't the entire roof, but it was a good portion," Manley said.

"The side that was facing the wind lost a section of roof and several sheets of tin, had some water in the house," McCormick said.

Fortunately no injuries have been reported.

"My employees and customers, thank God, they didn't get hurt or nobody got seriously hurt," Naquin said.

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