Gulfport locals take part in The Amazing Race

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As CBS' 20th Season of The Amazing Race kicks off this Sunday, you can expect to see some locals vying for the top spot in the grueling competition.

Kerri Paul and Stacy Bowers are amongst the several teams battling the elements as they journey around the world for 25 days. If they endure the tedious task, they could win a $1,000,000 cash prize.

"I've always been a fan of The Amazing Race, and in recent years, I've been supporting my husband's career overseas. The kids and I have been traveling, and it's really put a strain on our relationships and a burden on our families because we're really close knit. We're a southern family. So we really needed to get in touch with ourselves and our family and creating havoc around the world," Bowers said.

In the Emmy Award-Winning reality series competitors will compete in a series of challenges, both mental and physical. As they advance in the race, each step gets them closer to the big prize.

"We did a lot of preparation for the race as far as working out and working with a trainer and doing things to train our brains. The race is very mentally strenuous, so we want to do things that will help us like doing puzzles. And our family really got involved and made up challenges for us. We literally would go to our parents homes on the weekends and do homemade challenges," Paul said.

The ladies believe the early preparation will, without question, benefit them in the long run as the race will be a challenge to say the least. Nonetheless, they're ready to take on whatever obstacles may stand in their way.

"It feels wonderful to be representing South Mississippi. We have always worked towards our goals, but it feels good to show that there are valuable people from Mississippi and intelligent people. People who can go for their goals," Paul said.

You can keep up with Kerri and Stacy as they journey through the Amazing Race. The series premiers Sunday on CBS.

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