Radar Signs Helping Slow Drivers In Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs police have another high tech tool in the ongoing effort to slow speeders down.

New roadside radar signs are up and running on several busy streets, prompting drivers to hit the brakes.

Drivers on busy Government Street now have a radar reminder about how fast they're moving. Unlike the more familiar rolling trailers, this electronic eye is attached to a speed limit sign. Anyone over the limit gets a flashing reminder to slow it down.

Captain Terry Harris heads the traffic enforcement division at the Ocean Springs Police Department.

"They just give you a general idea what your speed is. And it's a visual cue for folks to slow down. We'll be out there just as often as we always have been," he said.

Watching the numbers drop and brake lights flash is a good indicator the signs are working. Andy Alfonso says the radar device near his driveway is already producing results. He says Government Street is frequently a speedway.

"It was very, very dangerous. There's a lot of people who walk up and down the sidewalks. Ladies with children in their strollers. It's slowed down a lot. And with the new subdivision across the street, I think it's going to help out as well," he said.

Drivers say the radar signs prompt them to check their speed.

"Definitely makes a difference. It makes me more aware of how slow or how fast I'm going," said one Herron Bayou Resident.

Another neighbor echoed those same feelings.

"It's making me check my speed, that's for sure," she explained.

Police say that's exactly the idea. Radar signs should help eliminate a common refrain among speeding drivers: I didn't realize I was going that fast.

The new radar signs cost five thousand dollars apiece and were paid for with grant money. Ocean Springs received a 120 thousand dollar grant from the Governor's Highway Safety program The installation was part of a larger project to upgrade speed limit and safety signs citywide.