WLOX Facebook fans weigh in on Triple Bypass Burger controversy

A Gulfport family is pulling together to raise three motherless children in the aftermath of what the family calls "a senseless murder." In 2009, Katrina Sargent was shot to death in front of her home on West Virginia Avenue. Yesterday, her killer was sentenced to life in prison for the murder.

Danielle Thomas spoke to Sargent's family about how they are dealing with it all. Look for her emotional story on WLOX News at 6pm.

Also at 6pm, Steve Phillips will tell us about a local hero who received one of the Coast Guard's highest honors today.

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Mardi Gras krewes all across South Mississippi were scrambling today to reschedule parades set for Saturday. With every change, we've been keeping our parade list up to date on WLOX.com.

Of course, Mardi Gras is a celebration all about indulgence before the sacrifice and reflection of Lent. But when does indulgence go too far?

We posted a story on WLOX.com today about a man who had a heart attack while eating a Triple Bypass Burger at the Heart Attack Grill in Nevada. It's a 6,000 calorie burger. The restaurant even has a house policy that allows diners weighing more than 350 pounds to eat for free.

As you can imagine, the story generated a lot of opinions on the WLOX Facebook page.

Samantha James wrote, "I think people should take more responsibility for their actions. If you have heart problems, don't eat a burger named 'Triple Bypass' at a restaurant named 'Heart Attack.' I'm tired of saving people from their own stupidity."

Wendi Crosby believes, "It's a reaction to all the 'for our own good' laws and constant bombardment of what we should be eating and feeding our children; what we should and should not be doing to our own bodies."

Matt Shorty Wells looked at it from the business perspective, calling it "brilliant marketing."

"Much better than the unhealthy options that try to pass themselves off as healthy. These guys are very blunt about what's up," Wells wrote. "If they were here and I was looking for a burger joint I'd have no problem rewarding them with my business."

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