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Gautier students bring black history to life


Black History came to life at Gautier Middle School Wednesday as students of all races participated in the History in Motion Museum. It was a chance to put away the textbooks and teach through music and creative exhibits.

A musical tribute to the late Whitney Houston echoed through the school's library, paying tribute to the international superstar. Another display focused on the role blacks Americans have played in defending our country. 

"This is about the Tuskegee Airmen, one of the first successful African American flight crews," a student said. "They sent 450 pilots overseas. And during World War II, they only lost 66 pilots in flight." 

Student Ian Little said he had no idea of the struggle facing blacks who just wanted to fight for our country. Teacher Kim Jordan was also amazed there was so much history in her own backyard. 

"I didn't realize that Pascagoula School District didn't integrate 'til so late compared to other places like East Central," Jordan said. "We have come so far now and we are so diverse." 

Jordan said it's vital schools continue to find creative ways for students to gain knowledge of all history. 

"I want the students to come in and learn that anybody can achieve greatness no matter what," said Jordan. "I want my students to know they can learn and carry out a plan." 

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